I live in the Metro Atlanta area. Recently, we have had more than our fair share of rain. Many of my neighbors have dealt with leaky roofs, downed trees, flooded basements and wiped out bridges. Luckily, I was only left with mini-rivulets and puddles.

What began as a steady rain, saturated my yard, backed up in my drive way, and began to slowly trickle through my backyard. Hour after hour the rains came. The rivulets turned to rivers. The puddles grew. And still the rains came. Soon I had to rake my deck to keep the water from backing up into my den. My wife called my attention to another portion of our yard that had begun to flow. Grass clippings, leaves, and other yard debris began to flow into the backyard. Would the rain ever stop?

After several days, the rain stopped. As quickly as they came on, they slipped away. However, their effects were far reaching. The debris remained. The once stately bridges were impassible. Traffic was snarled. Puddles were everywhere.

Life is full of puddles. We experience puddles of joy, puddles of sorrow. But what is a puddle-really? Just like in the case of my yard, puddles occur when something has become totally saturated and can physically hold nothing more. The saturating agent soon begins to pool. Our daily lives are full of these puddles. Puddles of work. Puddles of emotion. Puddles of potential. If we are not careful, we will ourselves succumb to these puddles. Life hits us all with such force. It is unrelenting. Day after day it beats upon us. Work, family, church; each begin to take their toll. But what keeps us from becoming one big puddle-COMMUNITY.

We are all a part of the body of Christ. We are all here to share one another’s burdens. In community, we are able to apportion all of the “stuff’ that life deals us and face it. Living in community means that we never have to face the challenges of life alone. Living in community means that we are stronger together, than when we are apart. Living in community means that we never need to let life puddle up around and on us. Instead, we can embrace it, and journey together in community and in Fellowship with one another.

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